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The Japan Lolita Association was created by Misako Aoki, a popular lolita model who was appointed as Japan’s official ‘Kawaii Ambassador’ in 2009 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The JLA’s head office is in Fukuoka Prefecture at the Omura Beauty College.

As Kawaii Ambassadors, our mission is to spread love and knowledge of Lolita Fashion all across the globe! On this blog, we will share photos of our coordinates, photo posts of events we’ve attended and hosted, information about upcoming events in our countries, and submissions from you guys about events that have taken place (and are to come) in your local communities! 

Please check out our facebook page, too.

The Kawaii Ambassadors are:

♡ Misako Aoki
Chairperson of the Japan Lolita Association
blog / twitter

♡ Daniela Michel
Ambassador of Mexico
blog / tumblr

♡ Stephanie Medeiros ✧ Cadney
Ambassador of Canada
tumblr / twitter

♡ Nadine Olivier  CupcakeAndTea
Ambassador of Canada
tumblr / instagram / twitter / youtube

♡ Sarah Tymianski ✧ Kiga
Ambassador of Canada

♡ Arthael Walkingshadow
Ambassador of Thailand
tumblr / instagram

♡ Mila de Blois
Ambassador of France
tumblr / blog / instagram

♡ Yumi E.G.
Ambassador of France

♡ Pom Pommandarine
Ambassador of France
tumblr / blog

♡ Paula Moraga Azema
Ambassador of Chile

♡ Daiana Abal  YueMoon
Ambassador of Argentina
blog / twitter / tumblr

♡ A. S. きつね
Ambassador of Taiwan

♡ Akemi Matsuda
Ambassador of Brazil

♡ Ruby Masako
Ambassador of Hong Kong

♡ Nanami Saito
Ambassador of Japan

♡ Emitsu Hiyoshi
Ambassador of Japan

♡ Akane Hashimoss
Ambassador of Japan

My goal in life~

princessofmusic73 asked:

I have a friend who's moving to San Diego soon, she's shy though, so I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the San Diego comm? I've heard very good things about them, but I'm just a little nervous since she won't have a friend with her


They are all really organized and friendly! After spending one day with them, I know your friend will feel like she’s known them for ages! They are all very welcoming! That’s how I feel/felt when I first met them and I’ve introduced other people to them who all have felt the same way! 

San Diego Lolitas Page

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